1883 Lucchese Boots for Women

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1883 Lucchese Boots for WomenAbout 1883 Lucchese Boots for Women:

My, my, my — the ultimate in women’s cowboy or western boots – the various styles and looks in the 1883 collection!

There are so many different looks and heights for them, that they have actually become rather difficult (dare I say “impossible”?) to keep track of!

For a western loving girl like myself, these boots are absolute heaven.  Crafted beautifully, soft, comfortable and amazingly stylish.

Pretty tough to beat that combination, eh?  =D

You just gotta love the styles from the Lucchese 1883 line for women – or at least I do!

List of styles from the 1883 collection (or at least the most popular):

Mad Dog (various), Goat (various), Buffalo (various), Lizard (various), N4525, N4539, N4540, N4501, N4554, N4604, N4513, N8655, N4551 — and yes, the list goes on.

Actually here on the Fashion Fiend website, we have compiled quite a list of the Lucchese 1883 for women lineup – if you don’t find the boot (or the price) you want right here on this page, try checking the site using the search window – chances are, you will find the specific boot you are looking for, with a deeper look at the merchants that carry that particular boot.

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