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Frye Campus Boot for WomenAbout the Campus 14L Frye  Boot for Women:

For those ladies who love a classic boot that will “go with everything” — as well as last for years, years and then more years, you are a very lucky girl if you have a pair of the Campus 14L Frye boots.

There are quite a number of colors for this boot, adding quite a bit of variety to the selection and what you can wear them with. A number of women have reported ordering another pair after having owned their first, due to their versatility and desire for the boot in additional colors!

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Price Checker Links: – You may be surprised at the sheer volume of auctions for the Frye Women’s Campus 14L boot.  You also might like the prices – you also have the option of purchasing the boot “gently used” which is a great choice if one is on a very tight budget.  **Tip: Make sure to check the seller’s rating before making a bid. – There is a pretty darn nice selection for the Campus 14L boot here as well – you may or may not find them with free shipping, but your chances at a discount price are great!

Good luck on getting exactly the pair of Campus 14L Frye Boots you are looking for!

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