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Choose from top merchants on all available versions of the Campus Frye Women’s Boots – all with fast, free shipping:

Campus Frye Boots for women truly set the standard for a classic, well made boot that is always in style.  Browse all of the styles above, or choose from the following styles for a more in depth look at the hottest selling versions of the Frye Campus:

Campus 14L Frye Boot | Frye Campus Maxine | Campus Crepe Frye | Frye Campus 12R


Price Checker Links for all Campus Frye Boots:

eBay.comHere is a good place to check for the women’s Frye Campus boot styles.  You may or may not receive free shipping, and it is highly advised to check the seller’s rating prior to bidding. – Amazon is a good place as well to check for this boot.  Good prices, generally speaking individual sellers are quite professional and provide good service.  Also – purchasing directly from Amazon is always a pleasure. Here you may or may not find the Campus Boot – but it’s definitely worth a try!  This is a good wholesale resource for shoes in general but is sometimes limited in sizes and selection.

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