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Frye Melissa Boot Button StyleAbout the Frye Melissa Boot for Women:

The women’s Frye Melissa boot is not “one boot” – there are actually a few styles of the Melissa to choose from.  And – none of them are lacking in quality or gorgeous looks.

Hot Item: Of all the Frye Melissa Boots, the most searched for appears to be the women’s Frye Melissa Button boot (shown in left photo).  However, I recently discovered a new boot released that may climb the popularity charts as well – it is the “Honeycomb” –  I expect you might be seeing and hearing more about this one!

Most Noticeable: I mentioned this boot briefly above, but the boot that seems to “stand out in a crowd” as being the most noticed may just be the Frye Melissa Honeycomb boot.  (That is my personal favorite – you will likely see that one above in the listings.)

Riding Boot: Yes, the Frye company certainly does know how to make gorgeous and sleek riding boots for women.  There is a tall riding boot among the Melissa collection as well that is worth checking out!

Short Boot: Shorter boots (mid calf height) are “just the thing” this year and the short boot in the Melissa collection is truly stunning.

Overall: All of the Frye Melissa Boot styles have a bit of a more “feminine touch” to them with a smoother design and a truly sleek appearance.  Love ‘em!  =)

Shoppers note: More styles from the Frye Melissa collection will likely come available – and when they do you will see the updated styles reflected above on this page.

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