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Men's Dr Martens Black BootAbout Men’s 1460 Dr. Martens Boots:

One thing to know about the men’s 1460 boots from Dr. Martens is the fact that there are actually a few different boots and looks to choose from.

The boot shown here (left) is probably the most popular and traditional of the bunch – the 1460 Black Smooth.

Variety of Men’s 1460 Boots: Various looks and styles have come and gone – and will likely continue to do so over the years. However, the versions of that will likely stick around include the “8 Eye”, the Chelsea, DMC and the “England” original.  Some of the colors that also will likely stick around include the various blacks, Cherry Red, Green and Dark Brown Shades (including Aztec).

Sizing: The 1460 Men’s boots are known to fit true to size.

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