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Frye Veronica Boot - The Slouch VeronicaAbout the Veronica Frye Boot Collection:

There are a few boots available among the Veronica Frye Boot styles – none of which I would consider lacking style whatsoever.

The list of styles available as of this writing includes the Veronica Slouch Frye, Frye Veronica Shortie and the Frye Veronica Front Zip. There have been other styles in this line in the past – and perhaps more will come out in the future. (Check merchant listings above for the up-to-date look at current boots in this collection.)

Favorite: The Veronica Slouch Frye boot for women has taken a most definite “front and center” lead among not only the Veronica collection, but is one of the most popular boots for women in the entire Frye collection. The style of this boot is rather “long and sleek” with a very stylish “slouch” look, buckled at the top of the shaft for extra flair. As a note – there have been a number of boots out there that copy this particular style that the Slouch provides, but none of them meet up to the standards of this boot – the original Veronica Slouch.

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