Paperbag Booties

Paperbag Bootie for Women - Giuseppe Zanottie Drawstring Platform Ankle BootieAbout Paperbag Booties for Women:

For the fall and winter seasons of 2010, a new trend has hit the “shelves” of the fashion world – Paperbag Booties, or Paper Bag Ankle Boots.

What are Paperbag Booties for Women? These are not a specific brand, but are a specific look in fashion footwear — ankle booties that have one thing in common:  A bit of cinching or a tighter fit lower that then creates a lot or a little of a flared or ruffled look above the ankle.

Top Styles: The Fashion Fiend favorite among this lineup – Giuseppe Zanotti Drawstring Platform Bootie (shown left).  There are a few others that have struck my fancy in particular, including:

Not Rated Messenger Bootie

Not Rated Ruby Bootie

Dolce Vita Wish Bootie

Miss Sixty Clark

About Shopping: The staff here at The Fashion Fiend will be keeping an eye out for newly released styles of paper bag booties for women – so what you find right here on this page should reflect at least a good majority of the available and popular styles, no matter when you are searching for them!

Fashion Trend Prediction: With the feminine appeal that these ankle style booties provide for women, we believe that we will be seeing these boots regularly for at least two or three years — stay tuned!  🙂

Special Thanks: I stumbled on paperbag booties while browsing through the October edition of Lucky Magazine early this fall season – special thanks for such up-to-date trend information!